We are a team of 25 smart and talented workaholics who make "Toner Stream" the best company for maintenance of laser printers. Our motto is: less ego, more cooperation, less stubborn, more creativity.

When the "Toner Stream" was just an idea, we wrote 5 golden rules. Rules we continue to follow.

1. Mission: "satisfied customers".

We have created a service for total cartridge maintenance with a fixed price. The name: „streaming” service.

2. We do only one thing and we do it the best way possible.

We deal with printers and constantly we have to find solutions to the problems accordingly. At the same time we are improve the service quality. We've created a special website for printers where you can choose your new printer in a few easy steps.

3. Speed and quality

We know that time is valuable to you. Therefore we develop an Internet platform where you can easily order your toner cartridge, and to have it delivered quickly to your office. Last but not least we are the first in the industry with a mobile application that easily can be used for ordering toner.

4. Serious without a suit and tie.

The founders of "Toner Stream" have created the company with a warm and friendly environment. Our success is not achieved under the twinkling lights and piles of documents. We always find time for breaks and friendly conversation.

5. Do it even better

We try to anticipate your needs in order to provide you a service and quality beyond your expectations.

Enough for us - let's talk about you. You have your own business or manage one. Your printer is not printing because there is no toner or worse, is damaged. Here we can help.

Our mission on a daily basis is to take care of you.


Искра Събчева

Toner Stream
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