Let us explain what our concept...

Recharge itself is a cheap service but leads to the need recycling which is more expensive as a service because in that process all parts of the cartridge must be changed no matter which one is worn and which one is still good to work. So we offer a wise decision – the streaming service!

In short: this process supports continuous quality printing and can save you a lot of unnecessary headaches. When we take your toner cartridges, we first test them in order to find out their actual printing condition. The process of streaming a toner cartridge includes the following operations and awards you several benefits:

  • Testing the cartridge to diagnose its actual technical condition;
  • Cleaning its components;
  • Replacing the worn out components with new ones;
  • Greasing the contacts of the cartridge;
  • Charging the toner cartridge with toner. Before sealing the cartridge into a plastic bag, a final test is made in order to assure the client in the excellent technical condition of the toner cartridge.

Benefits of the “Streaming” service:

Benefit “Time” - just dial one of our phone numbers and you will get a streamed toner cartridge (free delivery to your home or office in Sofia city within 24 hours) since your order was placed;

Benefit “Great saving” - you will never have to buy the expensive OEM cartridges, or to pay for the recycle services again. With the streaming service you will save up to 70 % on toner compare with the OEM`s annually

Benefit ”Quality” - guaranteed page yield with a perfect quality. Each cartridge has an unlimited warranty with full money back guarantee.

Benefit “Polite and professional service” - we believe that each satisfied customer is the future of every company, so to exceed the expectations of our customers is our lifetime work. We just want to serve you over and over again.

Benefit “Think green” -  for better and cleaner future for our children.

*We require an empty toner cartridge by the customer`s printing device when using the "streaming" service.

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Toner Stream
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