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Briefly Terms and Conditions:

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Which goods are subject to sales?

These are all products and services offered on this web. They are type described and classified into different categories for your convenience.

Terms of claim:

You can refuse the product ordered after the delivery only if:

  • There is a discrepancy between ordered and delivered goods; I have noticed the time of delivery;
  • If a technical problem occurs with the goods, you can return them in accordance with art. 55, paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act, within 7 days of receipt of goods without being used. Exceptions to this rule are explicitly regulated in the Law on Consumer Protection;

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a User:

  • You have the right to view, order at individual request and receive goods and services of this site, in the prescribed terms and conditions;
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Our Rights and Responsibilities:

  • We have the obligation and the objective ability to control how users use the services provided;
  • We reserve the right to information and materials that are located on our server, and to provide them with legal statutory requirements of public authorities, in order to preserve our and your property and security;
  • We have the right at any time without notifying the user to cancel or change the services provided, if a person offense;
  • We can provide publication of hyper-links to other sites and resources, but are not responsible for the use, access or reliability of these materials and content;
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Amendment of the Terms and information:

  • Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time by Toner Stream Ltd. We are obliged to inform you of any changes by publishing them on the site to become familiar with them in time;
  • As a member you will be bound by the changes at the time of publication, unless you state that you do not agree;
  • If you explicitly stated their opposition to the changes occurs, Toner Stream Ltd. reserves the right to terminate this contract by you;
  • The timely inform you about changes to your orders, we use the information provided by your contact details (phone / e-mail);
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